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220 Watts of

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Benefits of the ExAstris

Research already shows that germicidal UV can effectively inactivate airborne microbes that transmit measlestuberculosis and 

SARS-CoV-1, a close relative of the novel coronavirus. 

Portable use of the ExAstris can be positioned anywhere to maximize the disinfection area.

Provides the visible recognition that your facility, home or office is contributing to the safety of its customers and employees.

A principal advantage of the ultraviolet germicidal light method for disinfecting is that it is a low cost solution and does not  use chemicals or heat. It has proved to be a reliable method of disinfecting, surfaces, air and water. 

Eliminates the human errors that occur using sanitizers and chemical sprays.

Powerful 220 Watt output enables rooms up to 25x25 ft. to be disinfected in less than 12 minutes.

Four 55 Watt bulbs emitting at 254 nm for maximum coverage

Convenient grip handle

Slide proof feet stands

UV Resistant Acrylic Components


What is UVC light?

A proven technology that reduces the risks associated with viruses, bacteria and germs. 

UVC wavelengths are between 280nm and 100nm. This spectrum is considered germicidal and can inactivate most microorganisms. 

The high energy UVC is absorbed in the cellular RNA and DNA, damaging the cell structure and rendering the pathogen inactive.

UVC light when used improperly can cause damage to the cornea of your eyes when observed directly.

UVC can also cause skin irritations and severe sunburn like conditions with overexposure.

The damaging effects of this type of light is what makes it so effective at destroying pathogens. Its effectiveness is evident in use at hospitals, bio labs and the food industry. 

UVC lamps have been used in these fields for many years. The advent of Covid-19 has seen a surge in disinfecting products. It is only recently that demand for a more significant disinfecting solution be needed and UVC has that capability. 

Exposure and effects of UVC

Research has found that UVC degrades genetic material like DNA so severely, microbes or viruses hit by the rays can’t multiply. “It doesn’t kill the virus — it renders it unable to reproduce,” says Jim Bolton, an environmental engineer at the University of Alberta. The pandemic has made UVC light disinfection much more popular, with hospitals and even the New York City subway system buying into the technology.  


"Discover Magazine"

The National Academy of Sciences says although there is no concrete evidence for UV’s effectiveness on the virus that causes COVID-19, it has worked on other similar viruses, so it would likely fight this one too. 


"Web MD"


Just plug in the included wireless remote to any outlet and the ExAstris can be turned on or off without being in the room.

HIGH UVC Intensity

Four 55 Watt bulbs produce a high intensity UVC light radiating at 254 nm ensuring the desire space is properly disinfected


The UVC bulbs do not produce ozone

About the Ex Astris

The most powerful home and office cleaning solution at a reasonable price.

220 Watts of power assembled in a portable and unique design that allows for 360 degrees of coverage.

One year warranty.

Disinfection times vary with the size of the room. A 25 feet by 25 feet room can be disinfected in less 12 minutes.


Voltage: 110v 50hz/60hz

Power: 220 Watts

Size: 36.5" x 8.25" x12"

Weight: 7.25 lbs

Wavelength: 254.7nm

Bulb life: 9000 hours

Important Safety Information

Non-ionizing radiation is defined by the OSHA to include UV-C light.

Ultraviolet rays can cause damage to eyes and skin.

Please do not enter the area being treated until the UV sterilization process is complete.

Any living organism such as humans, animals, or plants should be removed from the room being disinfected.

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  "The added security this brings to me and my family is invaluable. Thank you so much"

                                            -Patti A.

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